Make Friends

Our fitness holidays bring people together. Working out, eating and having fun, builds new friendships which can last a life time.

Fitness Weekend

Instantly escape the daily grind in the picturesque town of Arundel. Dedicate a weekend to your health, wellbeing and overall fitness.

Life is about Balance

Treat yourself to an amazing weekend in the English Countryside with fine dining, luxury accommodation and a top trainer to help you burn those calories and feel alive.


Results are seen, we push our clients hard and trust us the effort will be worth it, with follow up e mails and calls once you leave us to make sure you are still on track.


We want your to enjoy yourself and it is important to us that you have fun and a laugh along the way. Workouts are balanced with great food and amazing accommodation. We want you to walk away proud of what you achieved.

Fitness Weekend

Instantly escape the daily grind in the picturesque town of Arundel. Dedicate a weekend to your health, wellbeing and overall fitness.

Luxury accommodation

After training all day long rest is important, a luxury 5 star boutique hotel set in the centre of town or a stunning open plan cottage is provided. Rest up, recover and train hard.


With over 20 years experience, we will be with you every step of the trip, encouraging you to achieve your best. We will also send you home with diet tips and workout plans.

Life is about Balance

Treat yourself to an amazing weekend in the English Countryside with fine dining, luxury accommodation and a top trainer to help you burn those calories and feel alive.

Services & Prices

Fitness holidays

Fancy a week long holiday, enjoying the breath-taking views over West Sussex and eating out at the top five-star restaurants while working out hard each day and making new friendships?

Then this is the holiday for you, each and every day is packed with non stop activities from 8:30 am – 8:00 pm.

Staying in a luxury boutique hotel or cosy cottage, we make the trips as luxurious as possible for that down time after a hard day of training.

Boot-camp - Boxing – Hiking – Yoga – Sightseeing and most importantly having fun while doing so and forming friendships that will last a lifetime.

Waking up nice and early and training in front of Arundel Castle, jogging next to the River Arun and hiking over the dramatic Southdown’s while watching the sun set it’s the perfect mix. Combine that with 5 star restaurants it’s a win win and a holiday of a life time with memories you will never forget.

Everything is included in all our prices from breakfast – lunch – dinner out – snacks – all fitness classes, literary EVERYTHING.

For more information on our week long fitness holidays please email us for more information - we run at least one every month, during summer every other

Prices start from £799 for a weeks long stay.

Boot-camp weekends – "Escape the city"

Why not treat yourself to a weekend away and escape the City life. Arundel is only 1 hour 20 minutes from central London, and very easy to reach from all over the UK.

Our boot-camp weekends are the perfect way to get super quick results, and kick start into a "new you routine" each weekend you will burn on average a crazy 20,000 calories if not more over the three days.

The fitness weekend starts at 3 pm on Friday and ends 2 pm Sunday non stop activities, non stop eating at 5-star restaurants and non stop fun.

From early morning boot-camps with Arundel Castle in our back ground, to hikes over the amazing South downs to 5k runs next to the River Arun and then some afternoon yoga it’s the perfect way to re-charge and get yourself back in shape or push yourself to the next level.

Staying in a luxury hotel or cottage everything is provided for you, we plan and deliver the event with amazing energy and motivation and with a little bit of banter and fun, unwind and relax while building new friendships.

Prices for our fitness weekend start from only £500 per person.

All our fitness holidays cater for every level of fitness from hard-core gym goers who train everyday to first timers, from our vast experience we can plan for everyone, the most important thing is each and every client feels comfortable and tries hard.

We will be with you all the way until the end supporting and pushing hard.

I personally think a video speaks a thousand words. For a brief overview of what to expect from Arundel check out this local homemade video:

Please all check out Mikey Dee, he is an awesome Artist and Director, and a local Arundel Resident.

Personal Training

Personal Training is what we have done and specialised in for over 20 years, we cover every aspect of health and well-being our personal training which can take place in the comfort of your home or in any local outdoor location in Arundel.

We focus on building a strong foundation for each client, below is what we can guarantee if you persevere with our one to one plans:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Fat loss
  • Tone / Definition
  • High intense training
  • Body Fat percentage reduction
  • More Energy and a positive mind set

Remember it’s never too late to start training our clients over the years range from as young as 7 to 87 years old. With a structured plan and myself and the team next to you throughout the journey results will be seen.

10 Personal Training Sessions: £400
20 Personal Training Sessions: £700

The one off Session: £80 which includes the below:

  • One personal training session
  • Diet Guide tailored for yourself
  • Weekly Workout plan
  • Weekly check-ups for the first 6 weeks

Arundel Weekly Boot camp class

For all our local lovely residents we will be setting up a weekly workout class which are held in the Cathedral centre during winter months and outside from spring onwards.

The workout is for all fitness levels, and is a full body workout, from HIIT training / Boxing / Core Stability work / Flexibility work / with an overall focus on fat burning and tone / definition.

Our classes only cost £10 per person, we require just a minimum off 5 clients each session.

VIP Package

Dont do anything all you need to do is tell us where you are coming from and what dates work for you, from anywhere around the world and we do everything for you, from planning the Mercedes-Benz to pick you up at your home and at the airport on the other end we arrange everything during your stay and deliver a second to none service.

VIP package puts you in our swimming pool cottage with amazing views and a personal chef and your own trainer 24/7 this is the ultimate package to see amazing results while training and having great fun with our main man, Master Trainer Nick.

Middle East Personal Training Service / Bootcamps

Arundel fitness has great relationships with Middle Eastern Countries and often travels to Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, we offer a special VIP service for families and one to one training whom are looking for a fitness holiday in the English Country side.

We cater for all needs and have over 20 years experience in dealing with Middle Eastern families and we have a yearly summer bootcamp for children between the ages off 6 and 14 years old, for more info and for us to arrange your stay and training when arriving in London please contact us.

Childrens Wellbeing Holidays

We are now offering a summer boot camp for children from the ages off 7 years old to 16 years our month long bootcamp caters for everyones needs, we plan each action packed day from 8 am - 6 pm with none stop activates based on fitness and having fun.

For more information regarding our Summer Childrens Fitness camps please contact us.

Telephone: 07788 255048

Ultimate day trip experience

Escape the city for a day, you don't have time to get away for a weekend or week no problem we have set up the ultimate day trip based in the stunning Surrey Hills we meet at Dorking and head on a hike off a lifetime covering 8 miles and stopping for a lovely 5 star pub lunch its the perfect day trip.

With our top trainer / host Nick will be with you all the way, giving you fintess tips and diet tips through out the day.

For only £99 its a day to never forget, and remember everything is included.

Our ultimate day trip is weekly throughout the year please drop us a mail for exact days / times and meeting location.

For more information and to book up for free consultation please e mail and or call us:

Telephone: 07788 255048

Arundel Spring / Summer Special Offers

Escape the City Weekend Offer

Friday - Sunday
Boot camp classes / Boxing classes / Yoga / Hiking / 5 star dining / Luxury accommodation / Healthy snacks / Great company

All inclusive for only £500

Sharing is caring offer

Bring a friend / partner and save £200
Escape the city weekend offer only £800 that’s only £400 each for a full weekend off fitness and great food.

Fitness Testimonials

Liv Clarke

"After running and still overseeing many different fitness companies in London for the past 20 years, in the Summer of 2017, I went back to Arundel, where I spent many childhood holidays in this quaint English place. I instantly feel in love with this picturesque medieval town in West Sussex"

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Amanda Frayne

"Myself and two girlfriends needed a break and re fresh re start our fitness schedule, working very long hours this was the perfect break"

"Nick greeted us at Arundel station at 4 pm on Friday and kindly had all our rooms ready with water and healthy snacks. Four thirty the show started with a awesome full body bootcamp workout next to the River Arun, shower and then to dinner at The Swan a good feed and great conversation"

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